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The eye of the beholder

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder……” We have all heard this old adage. What do you think of when you hear it? A person you have seen? A unique pet? Perhaps a piece of furniture? Just about anything. I never really gave it much thought until I started painting. Recently I was waiting for an appointment and noticed an especially intriguing piece of art on the waiting room wall. It was Impressionism at its best. Its use of texture and color was especially appealing to me. I like to take photos of things I like and so I decided to use my iPhone and it’s many capabilities to remember this particular piece of art. In doing so, I had to excuse myself, as I stepped in front of a gentleman sitting in the chair beside me. I apologized and explained to him what I was doing, as he was obviously wondering why I so rudely stepped in front of him almost ending up sitting on his lap. He looked at the picture for several long seconds, looked at me, and said, “What do you see in that work of art that I don’t see?” An artist takes a risk when producing a piece of work. Some will love it and others, like this gentleman will wonder what is so special about it. People are doing this when they view my art. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but an artist must be true to oneself and create what they believe to be an expression of self, not worrying what others may think……

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Having been born and raised in Alberta, I have one thing in common with all the other Albertans. When we get summer, we enjoy it to its fullest extent! The slightest bit of sun and everyone is outside walking dogs, jogging, playing with toddlers, or otherwise enjoying nature and so I find myself amongst them. I enjoy walking the many paths and parks that are found here. What a kaleidoscope for artists of landscape! There is so much to see and absorb. I find myself dissecting nature. In looking at trees I am consciously noticing how they grow. Are they straight, or has nature gnarled and twisted them? Where do the shadows fall at different times of the day? How do the branches grow from the trunk? What is the texture of the bark and on and on….. I find myself selecting and mixing colors in my head for future reference. I look to see how the grass is growing and in which directions the blades fall, again observing and mixing color. Then there is the sky and the flowers and the shrubs. The list is endless. Painting is about really seeing what is around you and being able to commit it to canvas with a personal twist that makes it unique. Perhaps on your next walk you may want to pick one subject and observe it in detail. You may be surprised at what you really see. Have a wonderful day and make some time to enjoy nature with all of her intricacies. Until next time.

 ~ Nina